Our Board

Executive Board

President: Susan Thomas
1st Vice President: Lauren Wilson
Recording Secretary: Catherine Palacios
Treasurer: Maureen Shepperd and Jan Boling
Coordinating Council Reps: Lynne Miller and Mariah Walton
Parlimentarian: Jeri Techman

General Board (Annual Project Chairs)

Announcements & Tickets: Honey Monocillo
Boutique: Ursula Palacios and Tatiana Kalpakoff
Decorations: Carolyn Santos and Janet Brown
Evening Preview: Lori Ong and Courtney Wasserman
Home Tour: Pamela Basmajian and Debbie McLaughlin
Home Tour Booklet: Jan Boling
Sponsorship & Silent Auction: Lauren Wilson and Paige Tilbury
Sweets & Treats: Evelyn Boosalis and Dana Johnson
Staffing: Paloma Hodges and Sarah Santini
Tea: Lisa Fazio-Satterberg

Standing Committees

Social Media/PR/Website:  Jeri Techman and Lisa Fazio-Statterberg
Newsletter: Susan Thomas
Properties: Jennifer Armey
Social: Debbie Fremming and Jan Odahl
Sunshine: Sandy Marsh
Historian: Jean Denton

Special Projects

All Guild Fundraiser: Jeri Techman and Jan Odahl